Alain Giger

Holistic Energetician - Healer
Transformation coach 

Holistic Healing

Enjoy subtle and marvellous energies.

VIP Personnal Support

Availability 7 days a week on request.

Transformation Coaching

We bring you practical support with radical changes in difficult time. 

Seminar & Training

Extend your knowledge and consciousness too 

from CEO to healer

After 25 years succesful experience in traditional careers, and his own transformation, Alain decided to focus on the core, always energetical, rather than on the effects. For more than 10 years already, he dedicate himself to solve all kind of human diseases, as physical, emotional and psychical, as opening people's consciousness.

a new well being 
a new happiness 


Each patient experiments his own success story,
we plant love and harvest health and happiness.

You changed my life, THANK YOU.

  I could sleep without pain,my shoulder is well again! You are a master. Your training is exceptionnal, Im so lucky to have met you. Thank you so much. 

  I feel better, my pain at the stomac and in my back have disapeared, headache is gone, All respond to your healings. Have a marvellous day.  

  Dear Alain, I want to thank you for your kindness and for your healings. I'm so well again ! Tonight I'm tired but I'm again happy to live ! I'm enjoying in advance to meet you again.  

Dear Alain, my ankles and my shoulders are well again, I can gardening, play golf like in the past, my life has changed. Thank you for all ! 

Dear Alain I got the job ! Thank you so much. This success is also yours !

Go Where your intuition and your heart are calling you!


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